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Keeping business-critical applications up and costs down

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Why Insite? It all comes down to a single word: trust

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Revenues being eroded by critical application failures?

The guaranteed answer: Insite Private Cloud

Outgrown CRM
Online? Time for a private cloud?

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Need more uptime for your business-critical applications?

The guaranteed answer: Insite Private Cloud

Your very own Private Cloud for Dynamics AX

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Managed AX service is a foundation of Tarmac's operations

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Users suffering
from application reliability issues?

The guaranteed answer: Insite Private Cloud

Your Business-Critical Application Uptime. Managed, Maximised, Guaranteed.

As Europe’s No.1 specialist in Private Cloud hosting, managed services and support for business-critical ERP, CRM and
Finance applications, we guarantee application uptime (not just operating system availability) for our clients as standard.
Why? Because application uptime is our business — and it’s yours too. Your reputation, revenue and profit depend on it.

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We are Insite, the application uptime people

*>99.95% for ‘High Availability’ infrastructures, >99.9% or >99.5% for other infrastructures. Service credits are part of each customer’s Insite SLA.

While other Cloud providers only guarantee operating system availability, Insite delivers clear, no-nonsense contractual guarantees of application uptime that meet your business-critical needs.

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To protect your profits in the Cloud, be clear on what’s guaranteed

While other Cloud providers only guarantee Operating System availability, Insite contractually guarantees Application Uptime of >99.95%, >99.9% or >99.5% to suit its clients’ business-critical needs. Understanding...

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Choose from three levels of guaranteed application uptime

When your business-critical applications are down, customer service, revenues and profits are down too. That’s why you need Insite — because our guaranteed solutions meet your real-world business needs.

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Guarantee application uptime and monitor the user experience, at no extra cost

Ask for assured application uptime from other Cloud providers and costs can rocket. Yet Insite guarantees it. We also monitor application performance 24/7 using Synthetic Transaction Monitoring. And all as standard.

How STM monitors application performance

Using or assessing the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform?

As well as Private Cloud, we offer Managed Azure solutions for Dynamics AX and CRM. These solutions also guarantee application uptime. Plus, you get an easy upgrade path to your own Private Cloud, as and when you need it.

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